Music Industry

While my main focus is the Japanese music scene in America, I offer my services to other artists performing in the New York/New Jersey area.

I started out by helping bands with merchandise sales at live shows and continue to do so for those bands and companies I work more closely with. Since then, I have branched out into other areas of touring. My experience also includes an internship in the Tour Marketing department at EMI.

I am a booking agent for the NY/NJ area, having booked for a number of shows for tours while also acting as coordinator between band and venue. I also can book opening bands.

In addition to my experience in booking and merchandise coordination, I have experience working as both liaison and handler for major label artists. Part of this experience includes working as the New York personal assistant to a Diamond selling artist, producer, composer, and label owner.

For a list of all the services I currently offer, please visit the MUSIC BUSINESS page